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The magazine features people from diverse walks of life — marketers, artists, directors, chefs — joined by one thing, they are the people who are building the modern Vietnam.

The Gypsy Restaurant Da Nang


Danang, with its tightly knit backstreets and wide-open beachfront promenades, was made for wandering. The original gypsies were like that – nomadic wanderers who hailed from the Punjab region of northern India. But, at Danang’s The Gypsy, the idea is the opposite – to stop roving around and enjoy the cool rooftop breeze and elevated (pun intended) cuisine.

“We know this city,” Zacharie Ben and Oliver Corti of Le Comptoir agree. “And there’s no great rooftop restaurant in Danang!”

So, they set about remedying that on the top floor of the New Orient Hotel. “It only took around five months to create,” Zacharie smiles.

A place to stop roving around and savor the elevated cuisine.

“Come on. Imagine yourself up here, cocktail in hand, with these views,” Olivier rightfully sighs.

The food’s, obviously, extremely good too. It’s made with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and the kind of savvy, well-balanced culinary philosophy that has made Oliver Corti’s Le Comptoir such a perennial hit.

But, over here at the Gypsy Danang, he tells us, he’s gone for a rawer, more authentic style of Mediterranean cuisine. That’s mostly thanks to the team, he adds, modestly. “The crew really is made up of chefs and staff from diverse cultures,” Zacharie agrees. “And together, they offer a special experience.”

He has a point. Danang’s The Gypsy is a place to stay put, for a little while at least.

In short: Ignore your gypsy nature and halt your nomadic ways at this rooftop refuge.

Address: 10th floor, 20 Dong Da, Thuan Phuoc ward, Hai Chau District

Contact: Facebook | Instagram

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